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These experiences started at a young age of about 2 (could be before that but I don’t remember) and did continue on a REGULAR basis until 1995. Before 1987 I thought I was going nuts, couldn’t understand what was going on, saw the bruses, injection marks, had seen the Gray in my house (thought it was a indian spirit because of the headband), and remembered physically these demons taking my blood, doing painful things to me on a operating table, such as taking my eye out when I was young. ( most likely the reason for the catarac thought to be congenital but it turned out to be a injury)

They have used anal probes, violated my private parts, scooped out my skin, scatched me, inserted possible implants( leaving scar tissue found by human MD), injected lord knows what, created horrible pain, caused me PTSD, CFS, FIBRO, immune problems, endrocrine problems, sleep dysfuntion, relationship divorce, scars caused for unknown reasons, and, most important, may have done the same to my mother, and my children. If they are marauders, hundreds of abductees report the same type of horrible experience that I have talked to personally. 

Those “marauders” have also taken at least over a million abductees world WIDE! This horror (for me) was done by aprox 4 1/2 ft, grayish-green leather- like skinned, with massive ugly wrap-a-round eyes that were all black, tiny tooth pick arms that hung below its’ knees and stunpy legs, large-headed insect type creatures that seemed to have no compassion for humans. (if you saw one, you would know a human could never be made to look like that) They have also told me junk I do not believe and from my experience feel they use us for blood and hybrid making. I feel the hybrids are used for many things such as food, slave labor, and possible replacements for current humans. 

I also believe, while they may have been from another planet originally, are based here on earth now and are a parasite that feeds on us as their host. When I saw the huge ship, at least 300 diameter across, I have strange memories of my car taken and I may also have been taken to a underground base. I saw them in my house back here in 1993 and was able to KICK one. I was on TV in CA with a abductee group and gave my real name and talked about what I saw, and even wore my Century 21 gold coat.(at that time I felt Gov interference was baloney) The end result was I was broken into (my home), followed, had my phone tapped, someone called my broker making threats, something put in my milk, and my abductions were stepped up by the GRAYS. Back here in Minnesota I joined Mufon and told about my experience where afterwards I was threatened by a Gov agent! A week later I had a rear-end hit run accident that totaled out my car, ME and I have have never worked since( I was a REALTOR for years). I, also no longer, attend Mufon meetings. Since I posted my site on the internet telling about my experience, at my own cost, I had my brakes fail and I found out SOMEONE had put holes in my brake cables. This accident came after I became active on the internet telling of my experience. This Xmas is better than most, because as far as I know, the Grays have left me alone now for awhile and I am able to maintain peace and quiet and not be overcome by fear when going to bed. Their absence has already healed me in many ways. I wish for all our sakes the Aliens were good, kind and loving toward humans but for me and millions more they stand for pain, evil, and a secret invasion of our lives.

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    Think of it in this sense, (if what you say is real) humans as a civilization love chimpanzees. . . we would not want to hurt them, and think they are adorable and awesome, but if you were to ask the thousands of chimpanzees that spent there life in test labs, they would say awfull things about humans. Imagine your face on the front cover of the extraterrestrial national geographic, just an interesting though to entertain

    April 12, 2011 at 12:06 am
  2. Bonnie Rodgers

    I am 54 years old and allot of what you have written reminds me of my own experiences. My first memories were around the age of 5 or 6 I think. My cousins and I were riding a snow mobile behind my fathers house; my cousins lived next door and our properties were a total of 75 acres with some horse pasture and the rest were woods.
    We were riding back and forth between both properties. We were at the end of my fathers pasture and was in the process of turning around when an object came up out of the woods and was hovering. I remember we were all very frightened and we turned the snowmobile around to take off. That is all any of us remember except walking in their house and looking at the clock and wondering what happened and why it was so late 11:00 pm. That night our parents were not home until around midnight. Over the years numerous strange things have happened and still are. Not as frequent as when I was younger.

    August 11, 2011 at 9:46 am
  3. scolbern

    Sounds like a classic missing time/abduction experience. What state do you live in? What did the object look like? Do you have any medical problems, or suspected implants as a result of this, or any other strange experience?

    September 18, 2011 at 12:38 pm

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