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Some of the opinions shown here are only those of the writer and do not represent the opinions of Dr. Leir or FIRST.

Back before the flood, humans lived for a thousand years. They were not to Alien liking so they destroyed them and brought forth a new fruit-fly human that only lived for 50 to 70 years and eliminated the long span that didn’t serve their purpose.

Now this human group has evolved too far and is wrecking their agenda, needs to be eliminated (other than a small group for breeding stock) and the new HUMAN will be the Hybrid. They need our blood for food and possible other human parts for their food vat, plus we care for cattle that they also kill for blood and parts, so they don’t want to really eliminate us. We are slaves used for food and labor and they are parasites!!! ( my vision of them is BLOODSUCKERS)

What can we do about them I sure don’t have that answer but if everyone doesn’t wake up we will be gone for sure. We need help and our Gov needs to know WE NEED help! Maybe there is no help and people like me should be quiet and let everyone “sleep” thru it to death. I hope I’m wrong but if I’m right the human race is in dire circumstances. As for who they choose to abduct, they prefer someone not important, so they won’t be believed or their absence won’t be important.

I don’t feel Roswell was a engineered deal and I’ sure they prefer us dumb to what we’ve learned. They don’t need us to be smart, just to breed alot of new slaves that treat them as GODS. That’s where their screen memories come in. They really want good PR so their abductees cooperate. Enter the “saviors”! When they talk of this great coming world I don’t think they mean you and I in it!!! The meek Hybrids will inherit our earth. OH goody!!!! (I think that’s what I thought(said) to them sarcasticly)

I don’t believe most of their cock and bull story as it serves their agenda. I always come back with bruses as I fight to the end!!! (there are only moments because they freeze you)

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  1. Jesse

    “Whoever sheds man’s blood,
    By man his blood shall be shed;
    For in the image of God
    He made man.” Genesis verse 6 chapter 9

    October 21, 2011 at 4:41 pm

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