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Information provided by Dr. Peter Gersten

“Just thought I would write to tell you about my friend. It all started when I was 18 years old. I’m now 28. I was at the apartment swimming pool and noticed that I felt that someone was watching me. I looked down and I say down because I noticed at the same time that I was looking at myself asleep in the lounge chair.”

“I then saw what appeared to be a silver looking ball. I thought that I was going crazy but later found out that this ball turned out to be a real friend to me. Later this ball turned into a man. He had blond hair, eyes that looked like a tigers eyes, real tall and slender. and he talked to me through his mind. He would help me though a lot of trying times.”

“I even went aboard his ship. I remember everything. I saw many jars on a counter with little babies in them. I felt as if I knew one of them and later on I was told that I had a spontaneous miscarriage and needed a DNC. I went to get the DNC and the doctor told me that there was never any sign that I was even pregnant and sent me home. A few years later I had a healthy baby. He is now 8 .”

“The being that I saw I have been told is called a Nordic. He is the being that is like a chaperone so the abductee wouldn’t be scared of the greys. The other weird thing about all of this is I am not the only one in my family that has had these experiences.”

“My mother, father, and my boyfriend for the past 4 years have seen many weird things in and around our house. For instance, blue lights that have come out of nowhere, shadows on the walls and my 3yr old has a playmate, Doug, who he says is his friend. We are not afraid of these beings. I feel like they are our protectors from the ones that aren’t so nice.”

“They (the beings) have the cures for many viruses, aids included, but we will have to find them ourselves. Our species is the type that has to do things for ourselves. We can’t be handed anything. I was even told that aids was a man-made virus to control the population. Makes sense to me. I just wish that someone or something would have handed me the cure so my sister and nephew would still be alive today.” “Well, I will write you more since there is a lot more in 10 years worth. So if you are still interested after what you have read here, e-mail me back and I will write more. Please don’t think I’m crazy. I am just concerned about what this world is coming to.”

Well, Michelle, if you are crazy…so are a lot of other People. The problem is that all of these PCEs are virtually ignored by People who are either not experiencing them, or experiencing them…but refusing to acknowledge them for fear of being ridiculed. CAUS believes these experiences are messages and clues to help us learn the true nature of our Reality. Unfortunately they are being overlooked.

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  1. Jesse

    No body likes evil, no one would listen to what it says. The devil is the father of lies and after being alive since the creation of Earth would know how to lie to us; by appearing in the guise of something familiar like a man. If they tell you things you shouldn’t accept it as fact necessarily, because maybe being a fallen angel means that they are rendered mortal and having been there since the dawn of time would know what makes things work; such as advanced spacecraft.

    October 21, 2011 at 4:49 pm

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