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In my book, The Aliens and the Scalpel, I mention some of the background pertaining to my research in the field of Ufology. Because of time constraints and my wish to quickly get this book into the hands of millions of readers I did not want to take the time to indicate when exactly, it was I became deeply involved in the alien abduction phenomenon.

It was in fact in the late 1980′s when my cousin, Dr. Kenneth Ring was well into his research looking for a psychological profile that would fit both the individuals who had NDE experiences and those that had UFO experiences. At that time I was surprised to hear of his research and he in turn was shocked to hear I had become deeply involved, not only with the general topic of UFO’s but in particular the alien abduction phenomenon. He was one of the few individuals I had confided in about this subject. In fact there were only a few of my closest friends, some members of MUFON and some not members of anything who really knew what I was doing.

One of my first cases was an eighteen year old lad who had an episode of missing time and related sightings of several disc like craft over many years of his life. He related his experiences to me in great detail. These were all from conscious memory. He never talked with anyone about his strange dream-like adventures and had no desire to seek out researchers in the field. He also refused to even consider regressive hypnosis. The more we talked the more he was able to recall. I had no training in proper interrogation so I applied the methodology I had learned and practiced over the years in medical history taking. I learned that the less I pressured him, the more he would recall.

One of the most convincing and compelling aspects of this fellows stories was the demonstrative physical evidence that something had happened to him. This came in the form of skin changes that appeared overnight. He would go to bed without marks on his skin and the next morning would awaken to the startling realization that some unknown force had effected his skin. There were evidence of lesions that appeared as burns, others that were in the form of dots forming various patterns such as triangles, squares, rectangles or other geometric patterns. The most important factor in all this was that I became a witness. I would see him the night before and then again the next day. He would show me the marks and would I would become overwhelmed by what I was seeing.

This was actually the beginning of my documentation in the field of alien abduction research. I realized that it would take some effort and expenditure to obtain the necessary equipment to photograph these lesions. Within just a few short weeks I managed to put together a photographic system that would be compatible with my experience as an amateur photographer I immediately started to capture these lesions on film.

Over a period of time I acquired a photo library of these strange skin markings. My next task was to try and find these lesions in the already existing medical literature. First I consulted my own text books on dermatology. I could not find a match to these types of skin abnormalities anywhere in the medical literature and to make things even more exasperating was that they did not fit the basic lesions which we had been taught in medical school that served to categorize dermatological abnormalities. Basic lesions may be divided into groups such as macules, papules, vesicles etc. All lesions found on the skin normally fit into one of the broader categories.

All, that is, except skin abnormalities found on the bodies of abductees.

In writing my book, The Aliens and the Scalpel, I began to research my own data and in doing so realized that over the past ten or more years I had accumulated a very large collection of these photographs. In the following pages you will find photographic examples depicting some of the skin abnormalities I found and photographed. It is my intent to someday biopsy these skin lesions and write a text pertaining just to this subject. I would like to see this text widely distributed in the medical community. I would also hope that when The Aliens and the Scalpel has been out for a while, it will also generate interest by the medical community.

Dr. Roger K. Leir

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  1. anonymous

    Although I have no recollection of any form of abduction, I feel like I have had some experience. I woke up several days ago with three very small, puncture-like wounds, completely scarred up, in a triangular pattern on my wrist. My mother, while pregnant with me, had dreams in which she was abducted, and seems to be convinced that this has actually happened to her. I’m not sure what to think.

    April 6, 2013 at 7:46 pm
  2. Helena

    Hi, my name is Helena and i am 16 years old.
    Iv’e been through alot of things when it comes to Aliens and stuff but it is a very, very long story…
    Well…i got marks on my right foot.
    3 tiny dots that forms a triangle, and beside it there is a “code”? I think it is some kind of alien language but i can’t tell. I don’t know how those marks got there, and i can’t wash it away. It’s been there for 2 years now. I wish i could send the pictures of the marks!
    I can’t remember any abduction at all but i think it’s pretty clear. Was it a abduction? How did it get there? It feels wrong talking about this somehow.
    You can contact me here:

    April 20, 2013 at 10:58 am
  3. amy

    Dr. Leir and Dr. Ring are cousins?? Mind officially blown.

    May 20, 2013 at 12:48 pm

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