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Dr. Robert Koontz is a Ph.D. experimental nuclear physicist now attempting to create technology that will allow extraction of usable amounts of energy from the vacuum. This research  follows the work of Nikola Tesla and Dr. Thomas Henry Moray.

Open Letter On Scientific Evidence for Extraterrestrial Implants from Dr. R. Koontz

May 26, 2009
To Whom It May Concern:

I am a Ph.D. experimental nuclear physicist, and I was once with the US Navy’s Naval Security Group. While assigned with the National Security Agency, I taught electronics related to remote intelligence gathering. My clearance is a lifetime National Security Agency Top Secret with Cryptographic Endorsement and Code-Word Access. 

In the web page linked to below, I have posted news articles and background
information that substantiate my credentials.

Regarding Whitley Streiber’s reports about alien implants and his recent interview of Dr. Roger Leir, and also regarding Whitley’s interview of an American scientist who says he was implanted with some sort of technological device, I find the evidence very compelling.

In particular, I note the reported non-terrestrial isotope ratios of the putative implant,the reported emissions of electromagnetic energy and the apparent microstructure of the possible device. This is physical evidence that has been and can be analyzed.

I also note that the interviewed scientist seems quite clear-headed and sensible. Furthermore, the scientist has demonstrable knowledge about carbon nano-tubes and appears to indeed be the scientist he claims to be.

I see no reason whatsoever to discount what these men are saying. Indeed, quite the opposite is true: My opinion is that this matter should be taken very seriously and, eventually, should be openly addressed by both federal authorities and by the public.

However, I realize that federal authorities are unlikely to openly address this matter, and my opinion is that mainstream news media will not write even a single, unbiased, article on the subject. 

Nevertheless, if it is true that extraterrestrial persons are placing implants in the bodies of US citizens and US scientists, then the matter is of a national security nature that could be more serious than the threat from al-Qaeda and North Korea.

It is possible that my comments will be met with mockery and derision in some quarters. But that does not dissuade me in the least. Let the chips fall where they may. Truth is an ally; possible life on what could turn into a slave planet is not.


Dr. Robert W. Koontz, Ph.D.
Web Site:

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  1. Mathieu

    I just took a quick look and think it is interesting information. But about the implants. The shift of the isotopes proves that the stellar system is 100 million years more ancient, but that doesn’t mean that the culture that uses these devices is 100 million years more advanced. It could be a product of mining a planet in a starsystem that is oldern but those who mine are not automatically related with that starsystem. It could be, but it is not nessesary at all.
    I would appreciate if Dr. Leir would read the book the alien code. You can read it also free on the website of me. You find a lot of information about implants. The book is based on information of the makers of the greys. The information makes a lot of sense and anybody, involved in alien abduction and implants should know the content of this book. Because I studied parapsychology in the Netherlands from Prof. Tenhaeff and Prof. Van Praag, and it is an official dicipline at the university of Utrecht, you can be sure, that the information of this book is not a fantasy. It is not channeled but telepathically received. It was a real dialogue and struggle to get the informarion right and is still in progress.
    If Docter Leir has any specific question concerning the advanced technology, involved in these implants, he can always send me any question by mail and I will ask these questions during one of the next contacts.
    I am making now a series where the most important information of the book can be read, called Alien Signals Deciphered, to be find on you tube and disclose tv.
    I admire the work of Dr. Leir. He really makes a difference in Ufology.

    October 22, 2011 at 4:00 pm
  2. scolbern

    I agree that there is not necessarily a correlation between the isotopic shifts in the implant materials and the degree of advancement of the society that made them.
    All one can say for sure here is that either the materials came from galactic distances away, or were exposed to an extremely high flux of nuclear radiation, which altered the isotopic composition. Either way, though, the implant materials came from a highly technological civilization with capabilities beyond our own.
    Thank you for informing us about your book; I will start reading it today.

    October 23, 2011 at 2:27 pm

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