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In an email from one of Dr. Leirs fellow researchers the amazing crop picture shown above appeared at Windmill Hill on July 27, 2010

Dear Roger, not trying to overwhelm you with crop pictures, but most of your readers won’t listen unless something is shown to them directly! The amazing crop picture shown below appeared at Windmill Hill on July 27, 2010. It combines two artistic motifs: a Teller-Ulam device or “triggered nuclear fusion explosion”, along with a six-month lunar calendar.
In its very center are three small “nests” which assign numbers to each lunar month as “5, 7 or 9″. Now anyone can see that the weapon-trigger is open in month 5, partly closed in month 7, and closed in month 9. Something strange happens at month 8, or maybe 8.25.
So how can we get normal calendar dates from this crop picture? I am not sure, but if we choose the Chinese lunar calendar, then month “5″ would be July 27, 2010 when the crop picture appeared, while month “9″ would be November 21, 2010. Month 8.25 (a little half-Moon on the outside) would be October 30, one week after the full Moon of October 23.
Please feel free to study this e.t. designed message to humans on Earth, and take from it what you can? It is one of six crop pictures which seem to predict human armed conflict soon, certainly by the first half of 2011. Some crop pictures from 2010 were fakes, but not this one, as detailed study will show.

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  1. Juan Zavaleta

    we are facing towards light, a conflict coming soon as shown in this crop circle is only a futile attempt to stop what is unstoppable whiach is our asension long time expected

    October 6, 2010 at 7:37 am

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