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Written by Bear. 2 comments Posted in: Aliens & UFOs
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Denver Voter are soon going to be asked to vote on forming an Extraterrestrial affairs commission to due the following:

 Obtains and provides the most accurate, complete, credible and relevant information available to city government personnel and residents about extraterrestrial intelligent beings on earth. 

  1. Assists residents in reporting sightings and refers them to the proper and appropriate public /private service agencies.  
  2. Develops protocols for peaceful and diplomatic contact with extraterrestrial beings in the event of contact.  
  3. Requires that funding for the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission comes entirely from grants, gifts and donations.  
  4. Commission consists of seven regular volunteer members approved by the mayor who shall give preference to four residents of Denver. Each approved member must be a knowledgeable expert in some area related to extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles.  

Over 10,000 people signed the petition to put the Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission on the Denver ballot. If voted into law, the commission will be funded entirely by “grants, gifts, and donations”, not the city budget, as confirmed by Mr. Ed Scholz, the Denver Budget and Management Director.

The full text of the ballot initiative and description of the commission’s duties is on Page 7 of the Initiative 300 paper. In summary, the commission will:

The Commission will have no legal authority to force the U.S. Government to disclose UFO files. But that could be a side effect when the masses see evidence posted on the City of Denver web site from private citizens and whistleblowers that extraterrestrial visitors have been to Earth. Because then they will finally realize that they have been victims of a costly government hoax that has negatively impacted their lives.

See the initiative here

 Story G. Lowrey

Source Jeff Peckman

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  1. reuben hammond

    Urgent (907)responce 229 required 6660. implant of frequency devise driving me insane. please call or respond soon. thanks R>H> PS was referred by english dr who already breifed you about my case.

    October 18, 2010 at 2:21 am
  2. scolbern

    Dear Reuben,
    We have no information about your case that I am aware of. Please fill me in. Where do you think the implant(s) are, and why do you think you have implants? Please get all suspected implant locations X-rayed.

    October 18, 2010 at 9:18 pm

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