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The Leir family would like to thank all that have contributed to the remaining expenses for Dr. Roger Leir. Roger sacrificed a great deal for all of his friends, colleague’s, and the UFO community as a whole. We can’t explain what this has meant to us during our loss and we know his friends and [...]


   SEE Research Page for Lates Surgery           We would like to inform Dr. Leirs friends and supporters that Dr. Leir has been ill. He has not been able to work. Dr Leir has tirelessly pursued the facts surrounding the phenomena of Alien abductions. He has at great expense to both [...]

Dr.Leir to appear on telemundo this Monday & Tuesday, the 25 and 26 of October  on Telemundo at 3:00PM EDT In the Los Angeles area it will be seen on Channel 21 on Time Warner Cable httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CIj7ebhF6Y Spanish Version Promo Extraterrestres.. Engish Link http://msnlatino.telemundo.com/entretenimiento/Crossover/


  Analysis of Object Taken from Patient John Smith © 2009 Report Author: Steve Colbern         25 January, 2009 Case History     The subject has had a lifelong history of UFO sightings, and missing time experiences. On the night of February 28, 2008, Mr. Smith was alone in his house. About 10:30 PM, he sighted two [...]


2006 Gary Lowrey, the abductee I have been working with for many years now is still not free of this phenomena. About a month ago he awoke in the AM to find that during the night something entered his kitchen either through the ceiling, walls or wherever and left some area of damage on his [...]


New AlienScalpel.com Blog!

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A & S Research – The Claw

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Overview: This organization (A&S Research), working together with scientific groups such as N.I.D.S. and other scientists worldwide has set forth to compile and analyze physical evidence relating to various areas of Phenomenology. In the course of doing so, we were exposed to the aforementioned case approximately eight years ago. A& S Research has determined that [...]



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