Is Alien real
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Is Alien real?

There is a rumor about the existence of the alien and UFO saw in the earth. Is alien real or not? There is no strong evidence showed that alien is real. However, some people said that they ever see a creature which is believed to be the alien.

What is alien?
Alien can be described as the life which is not originating from the earth. Some people believe that alien comes from outer space. They come to earth using the UFO. UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. We live in the old galaxy which is existed for million years ago. However, we can’t define the existence of the alien because we haven’t made any contact with the alien.

The media describes alien as the creature with no hair and has big eyes. Just like what we saw in the E.T movie. The aliens also describe riding the flying objects which look like the plate. We called that flying object with UFO.

The Evidence
The evidence of the existence of the alien can be seen through the social media, online portal news, magazines, and newspaper. Some people said that they saw a mysterious object in the sky.

They described that object as UFO, which can change in shape and disappear in a minute. Just like what happened in Sweden. Some travelers take a picture of a flying object from inside of their car. The picture goes viral and some people believe that it is a large UFO crossing on the sky of Sweden.

Some writing and articles also published in the magazines and discussed the secret project done by the USA government in investigating the outside world’s life. They are doing the investigation and autopsy on aliens which found on the earth by some people.

Whether the alien is real or not, it depends on your belief and faith. There are many pieces of evidence that can be traced in magazines, newspaper and social Media about some proofs of alien and UFO in the earth. We haven’t seen them in real and never do the physical contact with aliens. Maybe they are real and maybe they are not.

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