The Fact of UFOs by Leslie Kean
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The Fact of UFOs by Leslie Kean

There are proofs that alien had visited the earth; the sighting, the photos, the crop field, etc. During its first announcement, the government from several countries had formed special units to investigate further about this phenomenon. However, many of them were shut in the next five years due to the lack of sightings. What if the investigator and living witness met and wrote a book?

Who Is Leslie Kean?
Before the UFOs book was published, she was just ordinary reporter. However, what makes her special is her interest. All her works always find a clear end. Therefore, when she got involved in UFO investigation, the report data was mixed up. Which one is she fake and which one is real?

In order to finish her report, she called her old friend who worked at White House. She dedicated ten years to construct the reality, separating fake news to the real ones. Her hard work was paid off when she got help from the living witnesses from higher judi bola authorities.

What Makes The Book Special?
Although this book is not the latest publication of UFO related experience, many readers still love it. Those who purchased the book enjoy the scientific report and deductive approach, instead of some tell tale about UFOs.

How the other writers get their documents and idea for the book? Some relies on ancient beliefs and some just simply hit the search engine or the other authorÆs books. A couple of writers also include their imagination to build their own story line and all the theories.

In UFOs book by Leslie, she got the privilege to have a sharing session with several living witnesses in a closed meeting. Each of them came from the military with high official rank. First of, the colonel from Belgium who send F16 to tail the UFO. Second, the ex-chief of Aircraft Investigation Division who recorded contact with aliens in the radar.

The report cannot be more valid than this, as the former head British Defense Unit and the former Arizona governor add details to the book. These high rank individuals sealed their mouth in the past years and now find the motivation to share the information.

As many have known, it is hard to fool the public with all the visible proofs in front of them. Instead of hiding with all the evidences, Leslie took the action and stepped forward, putting a well-structured fact to a more comprehensible notes.

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