The Myths About UFO
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The Myths About UFO

A lot of speculations about UFO are roaming around. There is no sign of an end, although the sightings numbers are far decreasing than the old times. Many alien-themed movies are made and surprisingly, receiving lots of love from the viewers. No one can stop the UFO fans, but they deserve to know which one is the truth.

The Alien Body
A certain movie showed the process of alien body autopsy. Referring to this short clip, many people believe that the body is real and taken from Roswell. Here is the fact: the body was build by the special effect team for movie production purpose. The make up artists even admitted this fact. There is no real alien body used. Even if they want to, there is no way to buy or retract the body, right?

The Extraterrestrial Visit
There is another common misconception of the UFO. If tons of people could see the UFO, then the ET visit must be real. Why? Because many pairs of eyes witness the strange light or “saucer like” object flying on the sky. Expert debates this point of view by saying that human brain quickly connect the past experience with the recent event. This is the reason why people always shout “UFO!” whenever they see strange things.

The Sighting In Arizona
One of the most popular sighting happened in Arizona. At that time, many taruhan bola people saw blinking lights on the sky, forming a huge V and stayed in the sky for 15 minutes. Some of the mass were stunned, some were amazed and the others were busy recording the lights. The air force base near the place immediately announced that the lights belonged to the aircraft. They were practicing at night.

Area 51
Rumor spreads that US government kept all the UFO pieces in Arizona. To be specific, the area is called area 51. The public only knows that area 51 is an active military base. Back then, government run a bomber plane test. Some locals mentioned that the pieces from Roswell was taken to this area. No further evidence is found, only a fact that the location runs several military test.

It takes a moment to tell lie, but longer to tell them the truth. News could be both useful and misleading information. Therefore, the public should be able to find the reliable sources. Otherwise, they will have wrong understanding for their whole life.

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