The Overview of UFO
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The Overview of UFO and Its Evidences

The world has been surprised by the appearance of UFO in the sky lately. Many people said that they saw something which described look like UFO. What is exactly meant by UFO? Is there any evidence that proves that UFO is real?

What is UFO?
UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. UFO can be described as the mysterious object which is predicted coming from outside of the earth. Recently, UFO describes as the Conventional Objects of Phenomena. It is said to be the part of the extraterrestrial world. Extraterrestrial is the other name for an alien.

The term UFO was created by the United States Air Force in 1953. This term created to refer to the reports about flying objects in 1953. The United States Air Force get attracted to the issue related to the security of the country. Many people have reported that they saw something which flies in the sky and has no familiar shapes like other air transportation in the earth.

The UFO is also widely known as the flying saucer or flying disc in the 1940s and 1950s. The word of flying saucer also wrote in USAF Project Blue Book to describe the appearance of the UFO.

The Reports
The evidence of the appearance of UFO can be traced through some UFO sighting reports. The reports of UFO have been around for a long time. The first report was written in 1440 BC in Lower Egypt city in the Ancient Egypt era. This report is based on the ancient transcription of Tulli Papyrus which explained about fiery disks floating on the sky.

The next reports of UFO sighting come from many people in various countries around the world, such as Switzerland, Brazil, UK, Portugal, USA, Sweden, Scandinavia, China and more. More people said that they saw mysterious flying objects in the sky which believed as the appearance of UFO. The evidence comes in the form of oral reports, pictures, sketches, videos and more.

The existence of UFO is still remaining a mystery in this world. We believe that maybe there is life in other planets outside the earth, in the other galaxy.

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