The Project Blue Book
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What You Need to Know about The Project Blue Book

Many people are curious about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and lots of studies, documentary and book that talk about UFOs. One of the well-known studies about UFOs is from the United States Air Force called Project Blue Book. Here are four interesting facts about the Project Blue Book.

It was Conducted in 1952
Following the previous studies in 1947 called Project Sign and the second one was conducted in 1949 called Project Grudge, the third project of the series of systematic studies of UFOS was called Project Blue Book and started in 1952.

The Goals of Project Blue Book
The Project Blue Book was the upgraded version from the former project Grudge since it has the new branch called Aerial Phenomenon. The two goals of Project Blue Book are to determine if this UFOs impact as a threat to the National Security and to systemically study the data related to UFOs.

Condon Report in 1968
There is some criticism appeared during the Blue Book Project especially from the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) members and accused the U.S Government cover up the pieces of evidence of UFO. In 1966, the Condon Committee which is the neutral scientific research unit was established and the report was made two years later with the information that the study of UFO is not beneficial for major scientific discoveries and cannot be justified.

The Termination of The Project Blue Book
Following the Condon report, the project blue book was terminated in December 1969 with the summary of the investigation that released by the Air Force. it stated that UFO investigation is not a threat of U.S National Security, there is no evidence of the UFOs that have the technology beyond the modern scientific knowledge and no evidence in situs judi bola that the unidentified object was the alien vehicles.

In 2019, the new series which adapted from The Project Blue Book will be aired in the History Channel with the same title. This series will offer the unsolved cases which were mentioned during the Project Blue Book.

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