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Written by Bear. 1 comment Posted in: Important Documents, Updates
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In 1994 a small town in Oregon experienced a strange rain that made the towns residents very ill and killed several small animals. The gelatinous substance may have connections to chem-trails. Watch the story which aired on Unsolved Mysteries in 1994.

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  1. Bear

    Hi and thanks for following our work. The Chem- trail article is a bit old however; we would like to use it to remind people that this is an ongoing phenomenon which we wish to help keep in the public eye. This week we are going to publish a link to a video from a site in Germany detailing chem-trail activity there. There is a world wide effort by certain governments to with hold truth from the people of this planet. I personally (Gary Lowrey) was in Law enforcement working as a Fire Prevention Officer for the City of Bakersfield. The city and county would practice disaster drills and in those drills one thing often frightened me and that was the fact if the city knew before hand that a major disaster was to occur the orders were, to not inform the public. The rule was to shelter in place and deal with the damage after the event. They did not want public panic. For instance there would be a heads up about a possible earth quake and all of the fire engines and equipment would be moved out of the station houses, however they did not tell the public. So whatever is going on aliens chemtrails you will never know until they are cleaning up the mess

    January 30, 2011 at 12:31 pm

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