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Dr. Roger Leir Limited Edition Memorial Five DVD Collection: Featuring Watchers 7 and four other rare DVDs

Roger Leir Limited Edition Memorial Five DVD Collection

Please enjoy this historical collection assembled from Open Minds TV, L.A. Marzulli, Third phase of Moon and Ron James, the filmmaker who produced the X Conferences and The Citizen Hearing.

You are supporting the legacy of Dr. Roger Leir and receive a special DVD collection that has never been offered before!

Here’s what we will send you:

1.) WATCHER”S 7 – A Brand New copy of LA Marzulli’s latest hit DVD, featuring amazing revelations from Dr. Roger Leir, the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and more!

2.) A special FOUR DVD SET of Roger Leir videos, that have only seen limited release until now. These are all quality production that were to be included in a future Roger Leir Collection.

They are:

1.) Disc 1: Roger Leir – Contactee Research Breakthroughs
A very well produced Lecture By Roger Leir regarding the links between Contactees and Implants.

2.) Disc 2: Alien Implants – The Tip of the Iceberg
One of Roger’s last big lectures – the latest of his findings and their broader implications.

3.) Disc 3: Dr. Roger Leir and the infamous Mr. X recall their cases and experiences.
Never before seen DVD.

4.) Disc 4: Roger Leir, a Tribute:
A collection of rare moments with Roger such as his Press Conference presentation, Tribute Videos from Open Minds and Third phase of moon, and Various Clips form other Productions: inside clips and previews from his Gateway Radio project and some other surprises that will delight you.

That is 5 discs in all, nicely presented in limited edition packaging.

Only $29.99 plus shipping.

100% of the profits will go Roger’s Family.

Thanks again! Order here:


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  1. Allan Stroem

    Just wonder if these DVD’s where ever sent to me? Ordered the 2nd of May but still nothing in the mail or as much as a note through email that these where sent. Strange!

    I admire and respect Dr. Roger Leir for his work, his devotion, discoveries and for his courage.

    May 26, 2014 at 2:27 am

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