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MUFON presents TWO special events








MUFON presents:

Dr. Roger Leir Tribute & Fundraiser

Two special events on Saturday, July 21 (LA) &

Sunday, July 22 (OC)


                           WHITLEY STRIEBER

            Jose Escamilla   UFO Researcher & Filmmaker


           Yvonne Smith   Abduction Research Pioneer


 Special appearances by Jordan Maxwell,Steve Colbern, Dr. Roger Leir…and more.

 On July 21

Saturday Evening @7:30PM

At the Beverly Garland Hotel

4222 Vineland Ave.

North Hollywood, CA 91602 

On July 22

Sunday Afternoon @ 2PM

At the Neighborhood Center

1845 Park Avenue

Costa Mesa, CA 92627


Tickets: $20 at the door

$15 for MUFON LA & MUFON OC members           


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  1. Rebecca A. Kingman M.Ed.

    Husband has two foreign objects placed in his back by MIB? While working at a Navy Base subcontractor, they met him at his door at 10 PM and paralyzed him; he felt like two fangs were injected into his lower spine.
    It was in 1989 we are trying to get a surgeon to remove them, as he is in considerable neurological pain all the time! Can give more information (405) 786-9090 if you wish. Just want the right physician to remove them!!!! We live in Oklahoma and have a small ranch.

    August 3, 2012 at 6:44 am
  2. Rebecca A. Kingman M.Ed.

    Just wanted to add that there are indeed two so named shrapnel objects located in his lower back by x-rays. His welder friend and his family noticed the puncture wounds soon after being dazed for an hour after he went to their house thinking it was a dream. The location of the Navy Base was in California, but we need a local physician to remove and watch and send to an appropriate lab to reveal the source of injection site and shrapnel.
    Would like most of this kept anynomous until data can be performed on metal objects. All I know is my husband has terrific peripheral neuralgia in all extremities!!!

    August 3, 2012 at 6:49 am
  3. :)

    Chromium Sulfide Oxide. Single Core Unit. Metallic Chrome. Contained 1 Hair Antenna unit. Injected by a 3″ Needle to the right of my brain stem. This was done to me in 1996 at Ft. Hood Texas without my knowledge or permission. If you feel in your life that you have been taken/abducted/etc. or have a hunch about it…Ask King Yahushua in prayer to please show you the truth in all things.

    This is my daily prayer that will bring you answers. And he DOES hear you!

    1) Please teach me something new today.
    2) Please let me help someone today.
    3) Please let me walk with you today.
    4) Please Show me to the Truth in ALL THINGS.

    Do this everyday, and watch your entire life change. Remember, the truth is painful. It is a journey for sure and the best thing ever. Go for it. Buckle up for safety!

    August 16, 2012 at 5:54 pm
  4. scolbern

    These sound like govt implants to me, as I have never heard of alien implants in the lower spine; only the upper spine. The first step is to get the area of concern X-rayed, to confirm that an object(s) is present; without confirmation, no surgeon will operate on him.
    If you get the area X-rayed, please let us know the results.

    August 23, 2012 at 10:17 am
  5. scolbern

    Oh, great that you got it X-rayed. Dr. Leir cannot come out to your area, but I would be happy to analyze the object(s) after removal. We will keep things confidential.

    August 23, 2012 at 10:20 am
  6. scolbern

    Please get your head/brain stem area X-rayed and let us know if anything shows up.

    August 23, 2012 at 10:32 am
  7. Hillary E. Connell

    Dear Dr Weir,
    I saw several illegal implants throughout my body while gong through the Pearson International airport. Tint little wheels in my lower left Quadrant, a rectangular object behind my pubic bone. A weir capsule in my stomach. Some ares of my stomach appears black. Some ares of my neck with and jaw with shiny objects, and some part of my neck appears black. Agents continue to trigger the chips, sending messages for sexual pleasures, or sometime asking money, asking me to leave my house and keys and not to take any identification with me. This is MIND TORTURE; and if that wasn’t enough the government gave thew dentist, Christine Ann Caulford of Toronto, a serum to put in my gum along with bacteria. causing me teeth to rot break and my physically moved. I have been referred to as tuskegee, The dentist destroy most of my files; The written file she gave me have paragraphs signed off as Punance, ethal, and she have written notes such as INATIVATION LETTER SENT, FF0, I am thinking that she sent FAA or UFO
    I called the Briggams and Womans hospital requesting my records re abdominal surgery 1997 only to realized that they have no records of me. I await the Dr. Ross Berkowitz to explain, POOZ0 LMP seen in my abdomen.
    My name is Eloise Joyce Bell (Coombs) 029-66-2666. I use my other name while living in Canada. Hillary Eloise Connell Coombs. I would like to communicate with other people, family members who have gone through similar torture. I would like to see all DSM books be set on fire! I would all research scientists doctors be held accountable and liable, for the tortuous game they play while riding on the backs of the poor and unsuspecting.
    Let the researchers practice on each other and members of their immediate family. I intend to stay strong and fight for justice for me and all the the other who have been tortured by the first world nation. I am not your Blue Bird! Dr. Cameron and all his researchers/alies shall get their just desert! 416-850-4550

    August 28, 2013 at 9:05 am

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